Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Wristband For a Cause

Wristbands are in again after few years. This time they are not for friendship purpose or to celebrate friendship day rather this time they are back with a cause. The cause can be anything you wish to promote. It is like running a campaign or promoting a cause through wristbands.

Here we gathered some wristbands with some famous promotions and campaigns.

wristband for a cause

Dumbstruck Day

This Special occasion called "The Dumbstruck Day" is actually celebrated when you can be dumbstruck at any thing without any embarrassment. A wristband is actually designed which can be gifted to your friends on this day.

dumbstruck day wristband

Dog Biscuits Appreciation Day

The dog biscuit appreciation day is celebrated to show love towards your faithful pet. A wristband specially designed to show love for your pet can be a great thing to wear.

pet's day wristband

LiveStrong Campaign

LiveStrong is an NGO which is working towards helping the caner patients. This NGO is founded by Lance Armstrong. Their Motto is "We fight to improve the lives of people affected by cancer". LiveStrong wrist band campaign is one of the most successful campaigns that LiveStrong wristbands can be seen everywhere and on majority people wrists.

livestrong wristband

Valentine Day

Valentine day needs no introduction. It is celebrated worldwide as a symbol of love. The customized wristbands are also available to gift your loved  ones.

valentine day wristband

Save Japan Dolphin

This is an Earth Island Institute's project. This project is initiated to stop the brutal hunting and killing of dolphins around the world. Special wristbands are designed to promote this cause of saving dolphins. 

save dolphin wristband

So go ahead and select the cause of your choice or as many causes as you want through these wristbands. This way you can also contribute a little towards the betterment of this world.


Linda Fox said...

Nowadays, people are finding ways to get the message across and raise awareness for a certain cause in a fashionable way. And using wristband is a good idea since a lot of them come in different colors and styles, and you can incorporate the message that you want to relay on the band. Using wristbands is also a cost-efficient way to spread the message.

[Linda Fox]

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