Wednesday, 4 July 2012

How To Avoid Sunburn

Its July already and the sun is at its full peak. Going out walking to a nearby store for grocery or an emergency trip to the market at day time can be a great risk as the sun out there can not only burn your skin but also can cause skin cancer.

sun at its peak

Applying sunblock while going out isn't enough. In fact, applying the right sunblock and reapplying after certain time is the solution to avoid sunburn.

SPF 30 sun block

Many people wander in the super store at the cosmetic section searching for the right sunblock checking its SPF levels. An SPF is not the only factor to see in the right sunblock but a word "Broad Spectrum" along with SPF. People believe SPF 30 and above is right for their skin to protect against sunburn but it is not the case. Two types of UV rays effect our skin, UVA and UVB. Broad spectrum sunblock protects our skin from both of these rays. Make sure to check the word "Broad Spectrum" in the ingredients of your sunblock bottle.

broad spectrum sun block

Reapplying your sunblock after the suggested time is the only way to make it effective. The first application should be done 30 minutes before  heading out and then the reapplication should be done after every two hours while out for optimal protection against sunburn.

sunblock application

So next time you head out under the peak sun time, make sure you have applied sunblock the right way to enjoy sun to its fullest. 


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