Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Nail Art For Spring

Nail art is in the trend and a must have to move in the social circle. Many girls now and then keep trying different nail arts to make their nails look stunning in the pictures and to other people. If you love doing nail art but do not have much ideas then do not worry because you can now find huge ideas of nail art on the internet easily.

Floral Designs For Nail Art

The spring season is almost round the corner so welcome the spring with floral designs on your nails. Here are some floral nail art we have gathered just for you.

beautiful floral nail art

floral nail art

big flower nail art

purple flowers

pink flowers

french nail art

Colorful Nail Art

Spring also brings so many colors with it. We tend to see colorful flowers everywhere so we try to experiment with different colors in what we wear also. Try these colorful nail art this spring that will look fabulous on your fingers.

pink and white nail art

polka dots nail art

colorful nail art

glittery colors on nails

nail art on extended nails

pink strawberry nail art

 Get noticed with these floral and colorful nail art this spring.

Rainbow Nail Art Tutorial


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